It was my good fortune to have my original pop rock songs turn into recordings made the old-fashioned way, on two-inch tape in magical analogue studios with two of the greatest drummers in the world, Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, etc.) and Steve Holley (Paul McCartney and Wings). A number of songs from both Skip It (2005) and Kick the Machine (2006) charted on college radio in the US. My song “I Like You” was in rotation on the #1 terrestrial radio station in Germany, back when both CDs were big on MySpace.

A couple of my songs appeared alongside songs by artists including The Killers and Ray LaMontagne on A Taste of Triple A, a compilation CD. “Marc Berley…embodies the no-holds-barred spirit and attitude of quintessential American rockers like Buddy Holly, Joey Ramone and early Tom Petty,” writes Jim Nelson of A Taste of Triple A. “The guitars are vibrant and out front….Marc’s melodies are stellar.”

Digital downloads are available on Spotify, iTunes, etc., and CDs are still available. I still have the two-inch master tapes, so maybe one day we’ll press some vinyl.

. . .

Kick the Machine

Kick the Machine (2006)

Kick the Machine charted on college radio in the US and was in rotation on the #1 radio station in Germany. All written by songs by Marc Berley (BMI). Marc Berley/ vocals, electric & acoustic guitars; Steve Brown/ electric acoustic, 12-string, lap steel guitars, lead guitars; PJ Farley/ bass; Kenny Aronoff/ drums. Produced by John Seymour.

Skip It [EP] by Marc Berley

Skip It (2005)

Skip It charted on college radio in the US. All songs written by Marc Berley (BMI). Marc Berley/vocals and guitar; Joe Henderson/ lead guitar; Jeff Philips/ bass; Steve Holley/ drums.

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