“Tim Descending” in Carolina Quarterly — Available now

“Tim Descending” just came out in the CAROLINA QUARTERLY (63.1: Spring 2013). Check out CQs redesign to celebrate its 65th year. And check out Tim, Mr. Fun (narrator), and Mr. Fun’s girlfriend. It’s a missed love triangle that’ll split your sides and break your heart.


Here’s an excerpt:


Tim holds up shirt after shirt and says, “How magnetic is this one?” I don’t even nod. I’m past the answering stage with Tm. “See you tonight,” he says, buttoning the shirt he has finally chosen. I watch Tim saunter out, his wide shoulders jouncing, curly red hair falling upon his freckled neck. His skin is fair, his eyes bright blue, streakes of red in his sclera.


Mainly, Tim chases skirts. He catches most of them. He devours women the way a goat grazes grass, or maybe it is more the way a goat eats paper out of your pockets at a petting zoo…..


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